cool kitchen with exposed beams, raw timber and art


This is part of the awesome residence inhabited by Claire Bigbie and Jay Shapiro.

The clean lines of the joinery against the worn flooring, stripped back ceiling, stark wall paper and art that was apparently contributed by the owners’ friends, makes this an exceptionally utilitarian space; much more than a kitchen.

You can just imagine inviting your guests to have a seat on the couch or even the robust island bench to enjoy a drink while you bang out a batch of pot stickers for the rest of the crowd, or you could entertain the whole party right there.
Look out for this guy though.

I think there is even a TV in the back corner…

See more of this amazing house here.

Photo via Peter DaSilva for The New York Times

laid back opulent bedroom


Knowing where to start when designing or renovating a bedroom can be tricky. I quite often like to take a peak inside someone’s existing wardrobe and bedside tables. You’d be surprised about how much you can learn about someone’s preference for colour, texture and any other quirky habits they may have by doing this.

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extra seating or “object de art”?


Ottomans make a great addition to any space both compositionally and functionally.

I like the way in which they can be stacked or arranged to offer seating or depending on their fabrication can easily double as side tables as well.

If you have a tight space and feel a modular lounge or even an extra 2 seater seems as though it’s going to consume it, try using one couch with 1 or 2 ottomans as multi-use perches.

Besides being able to put your feet up at the end of the day you can add a dynamic element to your space that easily adds extra seats without filling up the room.

Consider them as individual personalities for some fun or as a part of the other furniture pieces when thinking about materials. They could be fabric, wool, leather or timber to name a few and be any shape or size.

Personalising them or wrapping one in a graphic material can give a stylised result. Don’t be afraid to treat it as an “object de art”.